Completed Projects

Shellfish Restoration Best Practices The project was designed around seven regional workshops, bringing together diverse stakeholders to identify critical issues and solutions to restoring critical shellfish areas while protecting public health. The BMPs define the goals and objectives of restoration projects: to expand communication and education; to encourage community-wide restoration and,to  investigate the use of noncommercial species. Most regulators preferred that restoration activities be sited only in approved waters, but, if in unapproved waters, restoration would require additional plans for biosecurity and an education component for volunteers. A copy of the final report is available here.

Developed oyster farming business and marketing plans and growout projects in the Chesapeake, Chincoteague, Shinnecock and Moriches bays. In the Chesapeake Bay, developed opportunities for Smith Island watermen to develop shellfish farming. We designed an integrated oyster industry, capable of producing, processing and marketing oysters year-round. The Ocean Equities team conducted oyster farming workshops on Smith and Tangier islands in July 1998, and began a pilot oyster culture project for Smith Island watermen in the spring of 1999. We developed a business plan for the oyster farmers and provided ongoing technical advice, pollution source surveys and monitoring for disease. For a copy of the Smith Island Business Plan, click here.

Completed an aquaculture feasibility study for the Calvert County Watermen's Association. We explored local and regional demand for both shucked oysters and higher-quality live oysters for the half-shell market through extensive discussions with wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, farmers markets, processors, government agencies, other growers and our own experiences growing and marketing oysters. These projections can be central to a grower's business plan,  a necessary element for obtaining permits, loans and grants and helping watermen determine which form of oyster culture to pursue. We developed simple financial projections (also known as pro formas) showing revenues based on assumptions such as number of oysters grown, likely production costs of each growing method, different selling prices, oyster mortality rates and other factors. The projections show how changes in assumptions may affect the bottom line, a process called sensitivity analysis. You can access the Executive Summary here. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for distribution.pdf

Produced the 1995 National Shellfish Register of Classified Estuarine Waters; The summary is accessible here and the report is available by contacting Ocean Equities.

Developed Vibrio vulnificus (Vv) risk management plans for Gulf of Mexico states and the Vv and Vibrio parahaemolyticus education programs for the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference, including seminars, videos, brochures and on-line CME programs for physicians, nurses and dieticians. Go to